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One Dead in Northwest Valley Crash

One person is confirmed dead and several injured in a serious Northwest Valley crash involving multiple vehicles, according to the Las Vegas police. The crash was reported at the intersection of Cheyenne Avenue and Jones Boulevard and involved at least six vehicles, two of which rolled over. The intersection was closed for several hours while the Metro Police Fatal Accident Unit investigated the cause of the crash. No details have been released at this point.

Las Vegas Fatal Accident Statistics

Las Vegas and Clark County are the site of almost all fatal car accidents in Nevada each year. This year, the Las Vegas Metro Police report the following statistics through January 20:
  • Bicycle fatalities: 1
  • Driver fatalities: 1
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 4
  • Total fatalities: 6
So far this year, about two percent of all injury crashes have resulted in fatalities. Of the 560 total collisions, 380 or 68 percent have resulted in injuries. These numbers may be misleading when compared to other parts of the country, however, as Las Vegas recently implemented a change to policy that states that the police will not dispatch to the scene of an accident unless injury or significant property damage has taken place. Nevertheless, the chances of being in a serious crash in Las Vegas remain high.

What Should I Do If I Am The Victim of A Car Accident?

If you have been injured in an accident, it is important to understand what to do. First, seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes victims are injured but do not realize it until several days after the crash. Even if you feel fine, it is a good idea to visit a doctor to have yourself checked out completely. Second, talk to a personal injury attorney like those at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. We have years of experience handling injury cases based on car, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian crashes. We have a proven track record of standing up for the rights of victims and getting them the compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, it is very possible that an insurance company will try to deny you coverage for your medical bills and other expenses if possible. With the help of the experienced attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson, you can ensure that this does not happen to you. Call today for a free case evaluation and talk to us about your car accident case.