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Rap Producer Person of Interest in Fatal Hit-and-Run

rap producer marion knightAuthorities have reported that famous rap producer Marion "Suge" Knight is considered a person of interest in a fatal hit-and-run in Compton, California. Mr. Knight is a former student of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas where he was a football and track star. He was previously arrested in Las Vegas for auto theft and attempted murder, but received only two years of probation for that charge. Knight is famous for founding the successful Death Row Records which has signed rap artists such as Snoop Doggy Dog and Dr. Dre. In 1996, Knight was also the driver of the vehicle in which Tupak Shakur was shot and killed. The hit-and-run occurred outside Tam's Burgers, a restaurant in Compton located at Rosecrans and Central Avenues. According to reports from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, an argument broke out between two men in the parking lot and the driver of a red pickup truck. The driver suddenly accelerated, and witnesses told police that "It looks like he drove backward and struck the victims and then went forward and struck them again as he left...It looked like it was an intentional act and would be treated as a homicide." The truck was found several hours later in a parking lot. Police have gathered witness reports and other evidence suggesting that Knight was the driver of the red pickup truck. Knight's attorney reported to police that he is attempting to get his client to surrender. The men hit by the truck were identified as Terry Carter, 55, and Cle "Bone" Sloan. Carter was pronounced dead at the hospital; Sloan is recovering.

Wrongful Death and Homicide

When someone causes the death of another person due to some negligent or illegal act, they can be held accountable by both the criminal and civil courts. If someone murders someone else, the state can bring criminal charges against the perpetrator of the act. Similarly, the family of the victim can also bring a civil suit against that person. This type of lawsuit is known as a wrongful death suit. Criminal cases and wrongful death cases are approached differently by the courts. A criminal case requires a much higher burden of proof than a wrongful death suit. In some cases, as with OJ Simpson, the defendant may be found not guilty of murder by the state, but the civil court holds the person responsible and requires him or her to pay damages to the victim's family. The wrongful death lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas have extensive experience with a range of wrongful death cases. Whether you lost a loved one in a tragic accident with a negligent driver or due to an intentional act, the lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson can help you. We have an impressive history of results which reflect our skill, knowledge and determination to provide our clients with the best legal help possible.