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Police Announce Super Bowl DUI Crackdown

super bowl crackdownThe Super Bowl is one of America's most popular annual events, involving food, fun and alcohol. Due to the fact that so many will be drinking this weekend, authorities have announced that they will be cracking down on drinking and driving during this Super Bowl weekend. According to reports, law enforcement will be ramping up patrols beginning Friday, January 30 and running through the early-morning hours of February 2. City and state law enforcement will be patrolling and specifically looking for impaired drivers. There will also be several DUI checkpoints set up. There have also been other efforts to decrease the number of impaired drivers. For example, the football stadium will stop selling alcohol at the end of the third quarter. Police suggest that party hosts implement the same plan. Authorities also suggest arranging car pools with designated drivers and stress that hosts should not let their impaired guests get behind the wheel. This Super Bowl crackdown effort is known as "Joining Forces." It is a grant-funded interdepartmental task force through the Nevada Department of Public Safety. The grant is geared toward enforcing traffic safety as well as educating drivers on the many dangers of the road.

Holiday Drinking and Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012 approximately 43 percent of all traffic fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday were caused by drunk driving. This is surprising when compared to the national average of 31 percent for the entire year. These numbers show that there is a large spike in drinking and driving on holidays like the Super Bowl. Other holidays, like Christmas and July Fourth, also see large spikes in drunk driving-related accidents. For example, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) estimates that 58 percent of highway deaths during the New Year are related to alcohol. When driving during this Super Bowl weekend, be mindful. Try to avoid driving late at night or early in the morning. Be sure that any of your guests have a safe ride home if they have been drinking. If you have been drinking, make sure you have a safe ride, too. Though many will take these precautions, there are some who will not. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you must act quickly to ensure your rights are fully protected. When you are injured by a negligent driver, such as someone who was drinking and driving, the law allows you to seek compensation for your damages. To do so, it is best to secure the experienced and knowledgeable help of a personal injury attorney, like those at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. With extensive experience aiding clients in their personal injury suits, our team of skilled lawyers can help you fully exercise your rights in seeking compensation for your damages.