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Four Injured in Henderson Plane Crash

According to officials, a small plane crash near Henderson has left four injured. The crash occurred around 1:22 p.m. in a desert area. Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, stated that the plane was a single-engine Piper PA 28. The crash occurred shortly after take-off. Four injured occupants were taken to University Medical Center, with two of them suffering serious burns. The injuries are not life-threatening. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are currently investigating what caused the crash.

Aviation Crashes and Personal Injury

Air travel is typically considered a safe means of transportation. However, when aviation accidents occur they often result in serious injuries and even fatalities. There are many reasons a plane might crash, including:
  • Pilot error
  • Negligence of Flight Service Station employees
  • Faulty equipment
  • Negligence of Federal Air Traffic Controllers
  • Federal Aviation Administration regulation violation
  • Structural or design problems
  • Negligence in a third-party carrier
Aviation accident law is a special section of the law which covers both major air carrier and general aviation accidents. General aviation accidents are those involving non-commercial aircraft like small planes, charter flights, large business jets, helicopters, pleasure crafts and hang gliders.

Can I File a Personal Injury Suit If I Am Injured in a Plane Crash?

If you have been injured in a plane crash, speak with a personal injury attorney. If you and your attorney pursue a legal claim, the potentially liable party may be held liable for damages. Depending on what caused the plane crash, the owner and/or operator of the aircraft may be liable. In some situations, the manufacturers or maintenance suppliers may be liable. There are even cases where the federal government may be responsible. Because aviation litigation is extremely complex, it is important to always have a skilled personal injury attorney by your side throughout the entire process.

Aviation litigation involves many potential theories of liability. An attorney can help you determine who is liable as well as guide you throughout the entire process. The team at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas have been aiding the victims of personal injury for years and can help you seek compensation after an accident. When facing a long road to recovery as well as high medical bills, it is important to hold the at-fault party responsible. Your personal injury attorney can help you build a case, gather the right type of evidence and present it so you have the best chance at a positive outcome.