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What Type of Injuries Occur in Casinos?

While Las Vegas is known for being a place of leisure, entertainment and fun, there are many instances in which visitors are injured while visiting casinos. Casinos are specially designed to make it difficult for visitors to navigate. This is because the casino wants visitors to stay and discover the many gambling floors and games available. Casinos also offer a lot of visual and sound effects, from ringing bells to flashing machines. The casino gambling floor is extremely distracting and usually filled with large crowds. These factors often lead to visitors being injured. Injuries that commonly occur in casinos include:
  • Bumping into another person
  • Tripping over steps that were not noticeable
  • Falling out of a faulty chair
  • Slipping on liquids or obstacles on the floor
Unfortunately, those who are injured in casinos are faced with a difficult problem. If they file a lawsuit, it is against a large corporation with a lot of legal and financial backing. However, this does not mean that you cannot recover your losses. It is common for casino executives to offer an injured guest perks in the facility to put the situation to rest. This could include free nights in the hotel, free show tickets or free meals. If you have been injured in a casino, be cautious about immediate attempts to resolve the issue. If you are not careful, you could waive your right to pursue legal remedies. Afterwards you may find that you have high medical bills, lost income and even pain and suffering from your injury. A free night in the hotel will not compensate you for that.

How Should I Approach a Personal Injury Suit Against a Casino?

If you have been injured in a casino, be sure to speak with your personal injury attorney before accepting any “perks” or settlements from the casino. The team at Bernstein & Poisson has served clients in Las Vegas for 29 years. Our casino injury lawyers know how to get results when a client is injured in a casino. Casino representatives are fully aware of our reputation as skilled and successfully casino injury attorneys and know we mean business. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury in a casino, be sure to call our firm today. We will ensure your rights are fully protected and will start by scheduling you for a free initial consultation.