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Assemblywoman Injured in Sinkhole Accident

According to police, Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman and her husband have been injured in an accident involving a sinkhole. While driving south on Rampart Boulevard, the couple hit an unmarked sinkhole. The accident left Victoria with a broken collar bone and fractured hand. Her husband was shaken up, but uninjured. She was taken to a local hospital and has been released. In a brief interview, Seaman estimated that the sinkhole was around 10 feet by 10 feet and one foot deep. She stated, “The car is totaled. If it were any deeper, I probably wouldn’t be talking to you.”

Sinkholes and Personal Injury

Sinkholes do not occur often, but when they do they have been known to cause massive damage. When a sinkhole forms, property owners could face a potential lawsuit under several theories of liability, including:
  • Premises Liability – If you are injured by a sinkhole while on someone else’s property, you may have grounds to sue the owner. Property owners must exercise care to maintain a safe environment for those who come onto the property. While sinkholes can occur naturally, if there were warning signs or the property owner knew of the sinkhole, the owner could be responsible.
  • Real Estate Fraud – If a home or property is damaged by a sinkhole and the owners know it, they can be liable for injuries and other damages if they sell it without telling the buyer.
  • Neighborly Nuisance - Sometimes sinkholes are caused by construction. If underground work affects the foundation of your neighborhood leading to a sinkhole, you could sue the construction company that is responsible for causing the sinkholes.
Though sinkholes can cause major damage, like totaling a car or destroying a home, death by sinkhole is rare. It is far more likely you will be injured or experience property damage. No matter what issue you face, it is important that you retain a skilled personal injury attorney like those at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. The personal injury attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson possess an extensive knowledge of the law. We use this knowledge, along with our many other resources, to help our clients build a solid personal injury case. We can also help you negotiate a fair settlement that compensates you for your damages. When you have been injured in an accident involving a sinkhole, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages. Give the team at Bernstein & Poisson a call today to find out your options.