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Can I File a Personal Injury Claim If I Am Bitten By a Dog?

Each year, thousands of victims are bitten by animals. Dogs are responsible for the injuries in many of these cases. In some cases when a person is bitten by a dog, the victim has a legal right to recover damages from the dog's owner. If you are bitten by a dog, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately. A dog bite could result in a serious infection if it is not treated. Once you are evaluated and treated by a medical professional, you should consider consulting a personal injury lawyer who has experience in dog bite cases. Your attorney can tell you if you have any legal grounds for recovery of damages and can explain what those damages might be.

Who is Liable in a Dog Bite Case?

If you have grounds for a personal injury claim, you must first decide who is responsible for compensating you. Your attorney can help you during this process. Most likely the dog’s owner is responsible. Nevada law allows dog bite victims to recover compensation if they prove negligence on the owner’s part. Negligence is defined as a lack of ordinary care that a reasonably careful person would, and is expected to, exercise. For example, if a dog owner did not keep his or her dog confined by a fence or leash, and as a result the dog escaped and bit a person who was simply walking by, the owner would be responsible. Owners can also be held responsible if they know their dog has "dangerous propensities" and they do nothing to stop the dog from attacking.

How to File a Dog Bite Personal Injury Claim

Because Nevada does not have a specific statute that governs dog bite cases, cases are based on case law precedent. In order to hold a dog's owner liable for injuries from their pet, the victim must prove that the owner failed to use reasonable care to prevent the injury. Because your injury was caused by a lack of care on the dog owner’s part, the owner may be responsible for paying your expenses. If you have suffered a dog bite which left you with medical bills and pain and suffering, you deserve compensation from the at-fault dog owner. The skilled legal team at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas can help you gather the right type of evidence to show the dog owner displayed a lack of care when dealing with their dog which led to your injuries. Call Bernstein & Poisson today for more information.