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Common Excuses Insurance Companies Use to Deny a Claim

When an accident occurs, one of the first things you do is file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However, the insurance company may not automatically pay the claim. Though insurance companies are supposed to pay claims when injuries and accidents occur, many will try to deny most or all of the claim by using a range of excuses.

Denying Fault

Proving liability is key in winning a personal injury case. The insurance company is legally required to pay a claim if their insured client is responsible for the accident. This includes paying for any resulting injuries and damages. However, to keep from paying the insurance adjustor may try to deny that their insured client was responsible for the accident. When fault is clear, the insurance company will be forced to admit at least some liability. However, they will often attempt to show that the injured party was also liable for the accident to minimize how much they have to pay.

Denying the Extent of an Injury

If the insurance company is unable to show there were no injuries or damages, they may attempt to minimize the actual damages and injuries that did occur. They may use their own doctors to conduct medical reviews and examinations and often resolve the claim in favor of the insurance company.

Denying Causation

If the insurance company cannot deny an injury, they may claim that it was present before the accident occurred. If you have received prior treatment for pain or other issues in the affected areas, the insurance company may try to say it was a pre-existing condition.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

When you receive a denial or extremely low offer on an insurance claim, you can be left to face unexpected financial challenges. If you have found yourself in this situation you should seek help from an experienced attorney.

The trained and knowledgeable attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas understand the many tricks insurance companies try to use to get out of paying a claim. We can help you counter their denials and seek your just compensation. We will gather evidence to show negligence, use skilled negotiation tactics and even aggressively represent you in court if your case goes to trial.

Though the insurance company denied your claim or made you a low offer, your case is not over. Let the team at Bernstein & Poisson help you fight the insurance company to seek what you justly deserve. Contact us today and arrange a free, initial case evaluation.