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Dog Bites - The Real Story on Lawsuits

angry dog with bared teethAmericans love dogs; in fact, they are by far the most popular household pets in the country, with more than twice as many people owning dogs as cats, the next most popular house pet. Dog owners are required to keep their animals under control at all times. They can be liable for damages if the dog bites or attacks someone, and may be made to pay compensation to the victim in these cases.

Dog Bites A Widespread Problem

Every day, people are severely injured or even killed as a direct result of a dog attack. According to available estimates, almost one million people in the US each year are bitten by dogs and injured badly enough to require an emergency room visit for treatment. To make matters worse, the majority of dog bite victims are children under 10 years of age. These bites often occur because young children do not recognize potential dangers of some dogs and are likely to approach, pet or even grab a dog.

Insurance Adjustors Are Not Your Friend

People who have been bitten are often contacted by the dog owner's insurance adjusters, who call the victims to express their concern over the injuries. However, while this concern may seem genuine, the adjuster's true loyalty will always be with his or her employer. The insurance adjuster's job will be to limit the amount of financial exposure facing the insurance company. This means that they will want the quickest and cheapest fix possible for the situation at hand, not what is truly in the victim's best interest. It is very important to remember this when you are approached by an insurance adjuster or other representative. While they may tell you that they have your health and welfare in mind, this is not always true. It is very important that you find an attorney who can help you stand up for your rights and help you recover the right amount of compensation for your dog bite injuries. The team at Bernstein and Poisson in Las Vegas understands the problems facing those who have been bitten by a dog. These Las Vegas dog bite lawyers have seen the destruction that dog bites can cause and have been helping people injured in dog attacks for 29 years. If you have been injured in a dog bite attack, we urge you to contact Bernstein and Poisson today to schedule a free initial consultation.