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Man Critically Injured in Moped Crash

A man was severely injured in a recent collision between the moped he was riding and a Las Vegas city bus, according to recent reports. David Wear, 46, was reported to be in critical condition after the 2000 Jonway scooter he was riding crashed into the left side of a Regional Transportation Commission bus.

Wear was traveling west on Sahara Avenue near Lindell Road when he reportedly veered into the bus lane. The force of the impact caused him to fall beneath the bus. A doctor who happened to be on the scene worked on Wear until police and ambulances arrived. Wear was transported to University Medical Center.

The bus driver, Vernon James, 43, was not injured in the crash. Police believe Wear may have been drinking prior to the accident, but no charges have been filed at this time. An investigation into the crash continues.

City Vehicle Crash Liability

When a city vehicle such as a bus or police car is involved in a crash, the liability issues may be more complicated than when the vehicle is privately owned. This is because crashes involving city vehicles not only include the driver but the agency for which the driver works as possible sources of compensation for injured victims.

Generally, personal liability on the part of a city driver is limited unless he or she was doing something obviously dangerous, such as drinking and driving on duty. However, if the driver deliberately ignored basic road safety, he or she may be held individually liable along with the employing agency.

In some cases, the city alone holds liability for an accident. For example, if the city fails to maintain a bus's brakes properly and the brakes fail, causing a crash, the city could be liable for injuries. In certain cases, cities have been made to pay medical bills and other costs related to these accidents.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured by A City Vehicle?

If you are injured by a city vehicle such as a bus, police car or truck, it is important that you seek the help of an attorney who has experience in dealing with complicated lawsuits against government agencies. The attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas are ready to help. We can give you the support you need to hold government agencies accountable for the injuries you have sustained. Contact us today for a free consultation.