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The Role of Professional Accident Reconstruction Experts

If you are involved in a car accident that results in injury, it is not always easy to prove who was at fault. In some accidents, the facts are clear-cut and easy to understand. In other crashes, there may be questions about how the accident really occurred. This problem can be compounded if the other driver swears that he or she had the right-of-way and there were no other witnesses to the accident. In some cases, the victim may not even remember what happened at the scene of the crash. This type of amnesia is usually short-lived, but there have been cases in which victims of accidents never really remember the circumstances surrounding the collision. In these cases, or whenever there is a question about the facts of a crash, an accident reconstruction expert may be called upon to examine the scene and render an opinion on what actually happened.

Accident Reconstruction Expert Responsibilities

Accident reconstruction experts may be called upon to give testimony in a trial, so it is important that they have the credentials needed to show that they are experts in their field. This is usually given by a governing agency such as the National Academy of Forensic Engineers or a state certification group. Accident reconstruction experts are usually hired by the attorneys for the plaintiffs in a personal injury case, but they may also be hired by the defense. Either way, the accident reconstruction expert is not paid to give a particular opinion; rather, he or she is paid to render an honest opinion based on the facts of the case.

How Do Accident Reconstruction Experts Learn The Facts?

Accident reconstruction experts learn the facts about any car accident case the same way detectives learn the facts about a crime scene: by a combination of careful observation, interview, and examination of physical evidence.

Physical evidence left at an accident scene can tell the accident reconstruction expert many facts, such as how fast the vehicles were traveling, whether one or both drivers slammed on brakes and how the impact occurred. Examining the wreckage of one or both vehicles will allow the expert to learn a great deal about the impact itself, and an examination of the medical records for each victim can also tell the expert what happened during the crash.

Finally, an examination of surveillance footage available at or around the crash scene may clear up any questions of what happened prior to the crash.

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