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What You Need To Know About Pileup Car Accidents

Pileups involving large numbers of vehicles are not common, but are most likely to happen on major freeways where traffic is moving quickly and there are several lanes open to drivers. Often, a rear-end collision or a sudden lane departure on the part of one driver is responsible for starting a chain reaction that can involve many other drivers who are unable to slow down or stop in time to avoid a collision. Vehicle pileups often result in multiple injuries, but it may be difficult to tell exactly who is responsible.

Why It Is Difficult To Determine Liability

The problem with a pileup accident is that more than one driver may have responsibility in the crash. For example, the driver that initially swerved into another car was obviously negligent, but the driver following behind who then slams into both cars may also bear responsibility. Rear-ending another car is a sign that the driver did not have control over the vehicle and almost always results in the rear driver being charged with the crash. In a multi-vehicle accident, it is technically possible for every driver involved to be charged with fault if none of them were able to stop in time to avoid a collision. This means that if you have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident, it is very important for you to have sound legal advice about your claim.

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Even if you think you may share responsibility for the crash, it is important to remember that you may be able to recover damages if someone else is also at fault. The experienced and compassionate personal injury attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas are here to help you pursue your car accident injury claim.

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