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13 Injured in Runway Fire at Las Vegas Airport

According to recent reports, a British Airways flight caught fire on a runway at the Las Vegas airport. As a result, 13 people were sent to local hospitals for treatment of injuries, most of which were incurred when sliding down the inflatable chute to escape the plane. The incident occurred when British Airways Flight 2276, bound for London, was getting ready for takeoff when one of the engines caught fire. The passengers were told that there was an emergency and that they needed to evacuate. There were 159 passengers and 13 crew members on the plane. Witnesses said that the crew and passengers acted with incredible efficiency, getting the slides out and moving passengers away from the plane quickly. Small vehicles were on site in about 90 seconds, with larger fire trucks arriving two minutes later. The airport completely closed one runway, and several other planes were delayed at takeoff. The Federal Aviation Administration, which is investigating the accident, says that the aircraft's left engine caught fire, but has not identified a reason at this time. According to experts, safety systems used by pilots on the plane mean that it is unlikely that smoke entered the cabin during the incident.

Suing an Airline for Damages

While commercial airline accidents are infrequent, there are cases in which victims may have grounds to sue an airline for injuries sustained during the course of a flight. Most of these lawsuits revolve around slip-and-fall accidents or other types of minor incidents that occur due to unsafe conditions on an aircraft. However, when there is a crash or other major incident, the victims may well have cause to recover significant damages from the airline. Suing an airline is not a simple process, however. These companies are large corporations that have teams of attorneys working to protect their interests; it is unlikely that they will simply hand over compensation to victims who are injured. Instead, they will probably try to get victims to settle quickly for a small amount of money in order to remove the risk of a lawsuit. If you have been injured on an airline flight, it is important to discuss your case with experienced personal injury attorneys like those at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. These attorneys can help you understand your rights and take the right steps to recover compensation for your injuries.