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Higher Risks for Cyclists on the Road

While the law requires vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians to share the road, this is not always the case in practice. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 743 cyclists were killed in 2013 across the U.S. Statistics reveal that 29 percent of cyclists who were killed or injured were hit by a car, compared to 17 percent of cyclists who were killed in a falling-type accident. While bicycling is a healthy activity that is typically safe for tens of millions of people across the country each year, there are still many people who are injured and even killed while riding a bicycle. Unfortunately, riding a bike is statistically much riskier than driving a car in terms of personal injury. Those who have been injured in a biking accident may find that they suffer much worse physical and emotional trauma than those involved in a car accident.

Tips for Staying Safe While Cycling

When riding a bike, it is likely that you will end up on a road with other vehicles. Though drivers are supposed to be aware and diligent when driving to keep themselves and others on the road safe, this is not always the case. To best protect yourself when riding your bike on the road, here are a few tips to follow:
  • Look and Listen – When riding your bike, it is important to pay attention just as you would if you were driving a vehicle. For example, do not have ear buds in so you cannot hear a vehicle approaching. Also, be sure to look before pulling out into a road or intersection so you can better avoid drivers who are not paying attention.
  • Pick The Best Routes – Try to ride on roads that have few cars, lower speed limits and no blind corners. While these options may be slightly longer, they are much safer than heavily traveled, high-speed roads.
  • Signal - When you are riding your bike, be sure to use hand turn signals so drivers in vehicles know what you are doing.
  • Wear Safety Gear – Statistics show that the majority of serious injuries are to the head, which highlights the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. Helmet use is estimated to reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent.
Even if you are obeying traffic law and following safety guidelines, you can still be injured by a careless driver. If you are a cyclist who has been injured by a negligent driver, contact the team at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas to seek compensation for your injuries.