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Hit and Run Injures Liquor Store Worker

A driver who was attempting to park his car in front of a liquor store in Las Vegas pinned a pedestrian to the wall before backing out and fleeing the scene, according to police sources. Las Vegas Metro police say that the crash, which occurred at the Liquor Outlet on South Rainbow Boulevard, resulted in life-threatening injuries for Jon Monroe, 37, who was taken by ambulance to University Medical Center. Monroe is an employee of the liquor store who was standing out front when Darby Neagle, 43, hit him. Neagle backed up and hit a parked Dodge Durango before fleeing southbound on Rainbow. Police were able to block Neagle to stop his flight and detained him for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident with substantial bodily harm.

Pedestrian Crashes and DUI

According to the US Department of Transportation, about 40 percent of all fatal car accidents of all types involve alcohol on the part of one or more of those involved. However, the percentage for pedestrian accidents is much higher than the average: about 48 percent of all pedestrian crashes involve alcohol consumption on the part of the driver, the pedestrian or both. Pedestrians who drink are at particular risk of being injured in an accident. Alcohol slows reaction time and impairs judgment, making it more likely a pedestrian will engage in risky behavior such as crossing the street outside a crosswalk or against the light. However, even if a pedestrian is drinking, drivers still have a responsibility to avoid pedestrian crashes. When drivers drink, the risk of a serious or fatal pedestrian accident rises as well. Pedestrians are often struck by drunk drivers even when they are obeying traffic laws such as crossing with the light at a crosswalk. Whether the pedestrian is obeying the law or not, however, drivers are still held at least partially responsible in most pedestrian crashes. While Nevada law does have exceptions to this rule, such as when a pedestrian "leaps" in front of a car, in general the law holds drivers accountable for avoiding such crashes. If you have been the victim of a pedestrian accident, even if you were drinking or think you may be at fault, talk about your case to the experienced personal injury attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. We are here to help you recover compensation whenever possible, no matter what the circumstances of your accident.