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Las Vegas Man Crashes Into Parked Police Motorcycles

A Las Vegas man, arrested on suspicion of DUI, was caught fleeing the scene of a crash in which his car rear-ended a couple of parked motorcycles belonging to police officers, according to reports. Brian Bradford, 29, was said to have crashed into the police vehicles as the officers were investigating an accident involving a 2009 Toyota Camry at the intersection of Tropicana Avenue and Cameron Street. The impact of the crash forced one of the motorcycles to rear-end the Camry, causing minor injuries to a passenger in the car.

Can I Sue For A "Stopped Car" Injury Crash?

While most accidents occur when two vehicles are in motion, a fair number of crashes involve one stopped vehicle. The most common type of stopped-car crash is the rear-end accident in which one vehicle hits another from behind as it is stopped at a traffic signal. In fact, rear-end collisions are the single most common type of car accident, accounting for 28 percent of all crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. By way of comparison, 23 percent of all crashes involve a vehicle leaving the road or the driver losing control of the vehicle, while only nine percent of all crashes involve lane changes. If you are sitting in a stopped car and are hit by another vehicle, the chances are good that you could suffer injuries. One type of injury that is commonly associated with rear-end collisions is whiplash. This type of injury results when the head of the person in the front car snaps forward and backward in response to changing forces in the vehicle. Whiplash may not produce visible injury to the bones or muscles of the neck, but it can cause severe pain and discomfort that often worsens over time. Unfortunately, this means that, by the time a whiplash injury has been discovered, the victim may already have settled his or her accident case with the insurance company. It is very important if you are involved in any type of car crash that you speak to an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases. The lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas are here to help. Before you settle your claim with an insurance company, be sure to speak to our experienced attorneys about your case to ensure that you are not settling too soon or for too little money.