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Woman Given Probation in Deadly Crash Case

A woman who was convicted of reckless driving in a crash that killed in her nine-year-old niece was given house arrest and probation by a Las Vegas judge, according to recent reports. Wendy Carrion, 23, was sentenced to six months of house arrest and five years of probation in connection with the reckless driving charge. The mother of the young victim supported the sentence with a letter, along with 19 other people. The crash occurred in July 2014 when Carrion was driving an SUV with six children in it on Interstate 15. The vehicle rolled, throwing three girls from the car into the northbound lanes. Subsequent investigation showed that at least two of the children were not wearing seatbelts. The car was not equipped to carry six child passengers. Carrion has a previous conviction for driving without a license and for having an improperly restrained child in a vehicle.

When The Criminal Justice System Does Not Punish Wrongdoers

One of the most common complaints about criminal charges is that they seem to allow wrongdoers to slip through the cracks and escape punishment for their infractions. This is especially true given the overcrowding of jails and the overloading of the criminal justice system. The sad fact is that if someone injures or even kills another person due to negligence, there is a good chance that person will never see jail time or will serve a very minimal sentence. However, that does not mean that the driver will escape civil justice. A civil lawsuit provides a way for the victim to recover compensation from the negligent driver to pay for costs associated with an injury. A driver may be held responsible for the victim's pain and suffering, lost wages, costs of medical treatment and any other expenses related to the crash. Furthermore, it is often easier to win a civil lawsuit than to convict someone of a criminal charge since there are two different standards used in these types of courts. A criminal charge must be proven "beyond a reasonable doubt" while the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit must only convince the judge or jury based on a "preponderance of the evidence." If you have been injured in a car accident, turn to the knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson in Las Vegas. We are here to help you recover compensation to pay for the costs of your injury and fight for justice for you, the victim.