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What to Do After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

Every year, approximately 28,000 people are injured in auto accidents across Nevada and nearly 400 people are killed. With more than 623,000 people living in the Las Vegas area, no wonder it is the 28th-most populated city in the country. The number of accidents, in recent years, has increased dramatically. In fact, the police department is unable to respond to any accidents that do not include injuries. This allows the officer to address more important issues. Should you be the victim of a car accident on these busy roadways, then you need to make sure you do the following things:

1. Stop And Go No Further

Even if your accident was only a fender bender, leaving the scene of an accident is considered a crime. You can, however, move the vehicles safely out of the flow of traffic. It can be worse to leave your car in harm's way; plus, you will cause a traffic jam. If you cannot move your car safely, then leave it until a tow truck can come to help.

2. Call For Assistance

Make sure everyone in both cars is alright. If there are any injuries, you need to report them. The next step is to call 9-1-1 to report the incident and injuries. The dispatcher will make the determination on whether a police officer is needed. If your incident is minor, it is up to the drivers to exchange information. The dispatcher will make a report, but you should follow up with the police department, especially if there is a question about who is at fault.

3. Gather Your Evidence

You have one chance at the scene to get things right. You need to take as many pictures as possible. If you can move the car, then you need to take pictures before and after it is moved. These pictures can be used as evidence to protect you. Plus, if there was any damage to property or injuries to your persons, these pictures can help your car accident attorney immensely. Also, get any statements from witnesses that saw the wreck. There are certainly people who will come forward if they see an incident. Make sure these statements are in writing and not just verbal. Get the witnesses name and phone number, should their testimony be necessary.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

You have a certain amount of time to file your insurance claim. It is always best to do it as soon as possible. If you have been injured in a car accident, it would be best to notify your insurance and contact a personal injury lawyer. Never talk to the other insurance company, and never give statements regarding the accident. Additionally, do not admit fault to anyone. This is something an attorney must handle for you. The pictures will help put together the puzzle, and you do not have to say one word. If a police officer comes to the scene, then they will do a report and make the judgment call. The insurance company can help you get a rental car and anything else you need. Most insurance companies have a 1-800 number that is open 24/7.

5. Seek Medical Attention

Many people do not feel their injures after an accident, so they deny medical treatment. The only problem is that you cannot be aware of the full extent of the damages until days or even weeks after the accident. Even if you feel fine, you should be evaluated by a physician. This report becomes imperative if you should file a claim. Additionally, the other insurance company can say that if you are so hurt, then why didn't you seek medical treatment right away? After an accident, the body's adrenaline system is working in overdrive, and it can mask any injuries. You may feel fine, but there could be problems you don't see. Soft tissue damages, sometimes take a couple days to really escalate. Having some tests run can show if there are any broken bones or any other issues that need medical intervention.

6. Limit Conversations With The Other Driver

You may be tempted to apologize to the other driver and passengers. However, you should never apologize for anything. This is the same as an admission of guilt and it can be used against you in court. You have a legal responsibility to make sure the other parties are safe. If they are unable to call for help, then you must do that for them. Exchange information, and calling for help, is all you are required to do.

7. Keep Things Off Social Media

Many people get on social media to vent about their day. Putting things like this on the internet allows friends and family to keep up with what's going on in your life; however, it is written documentation that can be used against you. While your case might not end up in court, you should be cautious and act as if you were going to trial. You don't want anything that could possibly ruin your chances of winning, if you file a claim.

8. Continue With Recommended Medical Treatments

If the doctor suggests physical therapy, surgery, or some other method of treatment, it is always best to follow their orders. Going against medical advice is a big problem in the eyes of the insurance company. It could cost you the case.

9. Keep Records

To have an accurate asking amount for your compensation package, you need to have documentation. Any medical bills, time off work, or other expenses should be documented, and you must have proof for the insurance company. The more costs involved in the case, the more you can ask in return.

10. Hire A Car Accident Attorney

Bernstein & Poisson is ready to help you through this difficult time. When dealing with a car accident case, you need to know your rights. You must have Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer to protect your rights during this process. Collecting your compensation can be a drawn-out process. Thankfully, many cases settle before going to court. We cannot put a price tag on your pain and suffering, but collecting some of the money you lost in medical bills and time off from work is a possibility.