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7 Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal injuries happen every day in Las Vegas. While many of us are familiar with the term personal injury, you may not realize that it encompasses many different types of accidents. While no two cases are alike, some types of personal injuries are common. It's important to take some time to familiarize yourself with the nuances associated with the most common types of personal injury claims, so you know what to do if you find yourself in one of these situations. Here are seven of the most common types of personal injury claims.

1. Car Accidents

car accident injuries

Most car accidents aren't really accidents. In most cases, a car accident occurs because someone doesn't act carefully enough when they drive their vehicle. All drivers on the road have a duty to drive in a way that's reasonable. Drivers shouldn't operate in a mode that poses an unreasonable risk of harm to others. When a driver breaches their duty of care, you may be able to recover for your damages. You must prove that their negligence caused your injuries. You might rely on a law enforcement investigation, the location of vehicle damage, and eyewitness accounts to prove your case.

Nevada's Car Insurance Laws

Because all Nevada motorists must purchase car insurance, many car accident claims involve insurance companies. You might work with the insurance company to pursue a settlement, or you might bring a formal claim for compensation in court. In many cases, Nevada's mandatory car insurance doesn't cover the full extent of the damages, so you might consider whether to bring a lawsuit against the responsible driver to recover your remaining damages.

Comparative Negligence

Car crashes often occur because multiple things go wrong. Even if you're partially to blame, you may still be able to recover for some of your injuries. Nevada uses a system of modified comparative negligence to decide who pays what when multiple people are at fault for a car crash. Comparative negligence means looking at the entire situation to assign a percentage of fault to each party. As long as you're not more than 50 percent to blame, you can still recover for your damages. Learn how a Las Vegas car accident attorney can help you navigate the complex claims process.

2. Slip and Fall Accidents

slip and falls caution sign

If you become injured from a slip and fall on someone else's property, the property owner may be liable for your injuries. A slip and fall injury can occur in many different ways. For example: a property owner doesn't clean up a liquid spill, or they leave debris where it can cause someone to slip. Business and property owners have a duty to keep their property safe, this is called premises liability. Business owners have the highest obligation to keep their property clear of potential hazards. Other standards apply when people enter onto someone else's property for different reasons such as social occasions or trespassing. Learn more about slip and fall accident claims in Las Vegas.

3. Workplace Injuries

Worker fallen down while carrying cardboard boxes in warehouse

When you're hurt while performing your job duties, workers' compensation should cover your damages. When injuries happen at work, there's a unique procedure for recovering for your damages. You must notify your employer of your injury quickly after it occurs. There are special procedures for filing, and the window for filing your claim is short. You can recover for your medical bills. You can also collect disability payments if you're unable to continue to work. If there's a dispute about workers' compensation benefits, you might have a hearing in front of an administrative officer. Hiring a Las Vegas worker's comp attorney can help you file your claim and receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

4. Dog Bites

Man bit by dog

Nevada doesn't have any particular state-wide laws that apply to dog bites. Generally, the rules that apply to dog bite cases are the same negligence laws that apply to other types of personal injury cases. You must prove that the dog bite occurred because the dog owner didn't act carefully enough to keep their dog secured. There may be local leash laws and other requirements that might change liability in your specific case. If you or a loved one has been injured from a dog bite due to someone else's negligence, you need to speak to a lawyer experienced with dog bite cases in Las Vegas.

5. Products Liability

Quality control for product liability

When you buy a product, you expect it to work as it's intended. That's true for cars, furniture, equipment, and all of the other items that you buy and use every day. Although the companies that make and sell products don't act as an insurer for their products, they're still liable when their products malfunction. Product liability can occur when a product is designed in a defective way. It also happens when there's a manufacturing defect that makes an item work abnormally. If you're hurt because of a faulty product, you don't have to prove negligence. Instead, you just have to prove that the defective product caused your injuries and damages. A products liability attorney can help you navigate the complex claims process.

6. Assault and Battery

injuries from assault and battery

Assault or battery is an intentional personal injury. You don't have to prove that the other side acted negligently. Instead, you must prove that they intended the act that led to your injuries. Assault and battery are both also crimes in Nevada. Even though the defendant(s) may also face criminal charges because of the events leading to your injuries, some damages may be available to you in an injury claim that may not be available as restitution in the criminal complaint. Even if the criminal charge is not successful, because the burden of proof in a civil claim is lower than it is in a criminal claim, your injury claim may still be successful.

7. Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accidents

Even when motorcyclists do everything they can to ensure their safety on the road, motorcycle accidents can still occur. Motorcyclists have the right to full use of their lane. If drivers don't look out for motorcyclists, the results can be devastating. When you're hurt because of a motorcycle accident, the standards of negligence apply. To succeed in bringing a claim for your recovery, you need to prove that your injuries occurred because someone else didn't use the care that they should have used under the circumstances. Learn more about motorcycle accident claims in Las Vegas.

How Can a Personal Attorney Help?

When you're hurt in a personal injury, it's essential to identify the type of claim. Because the requirements for bringing a claim may vary, it's important to distinguish your type of claim and understand the requirements. An experienced injury attorney in Las Vegas can help you make sure you take the proper steps to succeed in bringing your claim and maximize your recovery. Bernstein & Poisson have extensive experience handling every type of personal injury claim available. We have worked hard to protect the rights of Las Vegas locals by providing expert legal advice that helps our clients get the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured, call us at (702) 602-8869 to schedule your free consultation today. There is no fee unless we win your case.