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Why You Should Hire a Slip & Fall Attorney for Your Case

After a slip and fall injury, you might wonder how to go about getting the best possible recovery for your injuries and losses. You might think that you could recover a few extra dollars by trying to pursue the case on your own. However, in the vast majority of cases this is a big mistake. Your best bet to recover the maximum amount possible is to hire an experienced slip and fall attorney. There are things that your attorney can do to pursue your claim in a way that maximizes your damages. Your attorney can also help you avoid and defend against the traps the defense might try to set in order to frustrate your efforts to get a fair recovery.

Your Attorney Can Help You Prove Fault

It's not enough to say that you're hurt and you know that the other side is to blame. You have to prove that their negligence caused your injuries. This can be a technical and tedious undertaking. It's not enough that you get hurt on their property. Instead, you have to show through admissible evidence that the other side should have done something in order to prevent your slip and fall. Fortunately, your attorney can take advantage of discovery procedures that are found in the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure. For example, you might conduct a deposition of an employee to find out what kind of cleaning products and maintenance they used at the time of your injury. You might file interrogatories in order to collect evidence that the other side failed to inspect the property or repair a known danger. Video surveillance, insurance information and even employee files can be critical pieces of evidence to help you prove your case. A Las Vegas slip and fall attorney has the experience to identify these key pieces of evidence and use the legal process to gather them for your case. Being able to prove the other side's fault for your case can mean the difference between maximum recovery or no recovery at all.

Fighting Back Against Defense Tactics

When you try to go it alone in court, the other side is going to use the legal process to try and overwhelm you. They might send you interrogatories just because they don't think you'll know how to reply to them. They may file court motions to keep out pieces of evidence that should be admissible. If the other side knows you're trying to do it alone, they might try to make it all too much for you to handle. They're hoping one mistake on your part ends the case based on a technicality. Even if the law and the facts are obviously on your side, there's still legal work to be done in order to fight back against these tactics. An experienced attorney can help you file the right objections and motions in order to fight back against legal tactics. Fighting back in the right ways can preserve your case and shut down the other side's attempts to use lawyer tactics against you.

Identifying and Proving Damages

While your attorney is busy proving the other side's fault and shutting down their schemes, they're also working with you to prove your losses. Even if you can show that the other side caused your injuries, you have to show what those injuries are. Proving your injuries is much more complicated than just adding up your doctor bills. When you're hurt, doctor bills are only the beginning. If you're out of work, you can recover for lost pay. If you need to talk to a mental health professional, the parties responsible should be responsible for these fees. Hire an attorney that knows Nevada's negligence laws. They know when to include an expense in your total claim for damages, and they know when a victim can't recover for a certain type of loss. Your attorney's knowledge helps you focus your legal energy on things that are going to be successful.

Negotiating the Best Settlement

Another reason that your attorney is crucial to your slip and fall case is they can help you negotiate the best possible settlement. Because the vast majority of cases settle before trial, it's important that the person negotiating the settlement is well experienced. You want to convince the other side that it's in their best interests to pay you fairly. An experienced attorney knows how to come out on the winning end of tense negotiations.

Leverage the Full Legal Resources of an Established Law Firm

Bringing any type of legal action is a lot of work. Even the simple act of filing a court motion can involve tediously drawing up the motion, preparing a notice of hearing and proof of mailing and then making sure you file all of it properly. That's just one example of the work that may need to happen every single day on your case. Maximizing your claim for recovery can be a full-time job. That's why your attorney makes working on your behalf their full-time job. It is crucial you hire an experienced personal injury law firm in Las Vegas that will devote their full resources to your case while you focus on your recovery.

Advocating For You

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