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Neglect Is a Form of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a major issue across the country and, in fact, it is estimated that about 1 to 2 million individuals over the age of 65 have been mistreated, injured, or even exploited by a caregiver. The rate at which this kind of inexcusable conduct has increased is alarmingly high, though much is still not known about the details of this issue. When we think of the word “abuse,” however, we tend to think of physical abuse. Neglect is actually one of the most prevalent types of abuse elderly individuals experience at the hands of those who are meant to care for their well-being.

Do you know the signs to look out for to protect the health and safety of your elderly loved one? Knowing what to look out for can make a difference in his or her life. Below are some of the most common forms of neglect and the signs you need to be aware of:

  • Personal hygiene neglect: Without assistance, some elderly nursing home residents are unable to maintain personal hygiene. This is a form of neglect and, in the absence of this necessary help, a resident might not receive baths or showers, clean clothing, assistance with oral hygiene, or other basic necessities needed to remain clean. If your loved one is not receiving the assistance he or she needs with personal hygiene, the evidence of this should be very apparent.
  • Medical neglect: If your loved one is in a nursing home, chances are he or she needs medical care that you are unable to give. Unfortunately, if the staff is not providing this necessary care, he or she might suffer from pressure sores or bed sores from remaining in a seated or reclined position for too long. Other common signs are untreated cuts, lack of necessary medication or medical treatment, and a lack of exercise.
  • Emotional neglect: Emotional neglect is a much more insidious, less obvious form of abuse that occurs in nursing homes. It will not manifest into something as telling as poor hygiene or bed sores, but it is incredibly devastating. Elderly individuals are susceptible to depression and require emotional support and connections. The best way to uncover this form of neglect is to communicate. Unfortunately, many elderly residents suffering from emotional neglect feel they cannot express their situation to others and might even feel shame or embarrassment. Be aware of unusual changes in your loved one’s personality and behavior. These could be signs of emotional neglect and abuse.

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