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Casino Liability for Negligent Security

Despite modernizing its image as a family-friendly tourist trap, Las Vegas still stands tall as one of the world’s most famous sin cities. As entertainment options expand and casinos rise and fall, one thing remains certain: gambling remains the heart of Las Vegas. With emotions running high, excitement in the air, chips clinking in pockets, and alcohol flowing freely, it’s not unusual for acts of violence to occur. But who is liable if you’re injured on casino property?

As a casino guest, you likely have expectations about your safety and security. If you are physically or sexually assaulted, robbed, or injured on casino property, you may be able to hold the casino and its employees liable due to negligent security.

Liable entities may include:

  • Casino owner
  • Casino manager
  • Security guard company
  • Specific guards on duty

A personal injury attorney with experience in premises liability law can evaluate your case and help you determine negligent parties. By researching the casino’s history, your lawyer can prove your injury was both foreseeable and preventable. In other words, your lawyer needs to prove to the court that the casino staff should have known about the possibility of this crime and didn’t try to prevent it from happening.

Criminal activity typically occurs where there is a lack of security cameras, poor lighting, and absent security guards. If crimes have happened in a specific area in the past, then the casino is responsible for rectifying the potential hazard. For example, if violent robberies have occurred in the same location, then the casino is liable for not taking steps to protect its guests.

Likewise, your lawyer also needs to address if the absence or negligence of the security force contributed to your injury. Las Vegas casinos are protected by ample security guards and sophisticated security equipment. Your attorney needs to research if your injuries could have been avoided if the employees followed the hotel’s security guidelines.

You may be awarded damages for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

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