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Drowsy Driving in Nevada & Beyond

Not getting a good night’s sleep has some consequences such as feeling sick, lack of concentration, and having little concern for other important matters. While these negatives are bad, none of them are life-threatening in their own right. However, when a lack of concentration is mixed with operating a motor vehicle, the combination can be deadly. In fact, a recent study performed by AAA shows just how dangerous drowsy driving can be.

The Study

The study performed by AAA put live cameras in people’s cars while they drove around town. These cameras did not capture the live footage of the car’s movements, but the faces of the driver’s as they operated their vehicles. The goal: to determine the drowsiness of the drivers while they went about their business. To determine if a driver was drowsy scientists used a commonly known “eye test” that gauges if a person is tired or drowsy based on the droopiness/behavior of their eyes. At the conclusion of the study, AAA had in-vehicle dashcam footage of more than 700 drivers who suffered accidents.

The Conclusion

After reviewing hours of webcam footage, AAA researchers concluded that more accidents are caused by drowsy driving than previous estimates had ever suggested. In fact, AAA researchers determined that 9.5% of the crashes they had recorded involved drowsy driving; additionally, they found that 10.8% of all crashes that resulted in significant property damage involved drowsy driving. The disparity between the two crash types can only suggest that drowsy driving often leads to serious accidents where more damage occurs rather than common “fender bender” accidents. Unfortunately, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 35% of United States drivers sleep less than the recommended minimum of seven hours. Therefore, this type of dangerous behavior is likely to stick around until more people take their sleep cycles seriously.

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