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Common Driving Mistakes that Cost People Thousands

In 2015, Americans took part in 6,296,000 reported car crashes, which averages out to nearly 17,250 a day! Although an estimated 17,250 Americans are going to get in an accident today, not one of them planned on it when they woke up this morning. Therefore, we can conclude that a majority of accidents are caused by common (but crucial) mistakes in proper driving etiquette. Bernstein & Poisson is dedicated to helping people recover from accidents, but we also want to spread awareness to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. We have compiled this list of common driving mistakes to help you, and your loved ones, stay safe on the roads.

Forgetting Turn Signals

Driving in traffic is a group effort because people must effectively communicate with one another to reach their destinations safely. For example, we often cannot see through the driver in front of us, so if there is a traffic jam up ahead, we rely on this person to use their breaks to communicate that there is an obstruction. Similarly, if someone needs to get in another lane, we expect him or her to put on their signal to communicate their intentions. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to use their turn signals when they attempt a lane change. As a result, other drivers are uninformed about this person’s intentions, which can quickly lead to a wreck. Therefore, always make sure you put on your signal when you attempt to change lanes to keep your fellow drivers aware of your intentions!

Distracted Driving

Many drivers are tempted to entertain themselves while behind the wheel—a choice that leads to distracted driving. Texting, talking on the phone, putting on makeup, and eating messy food—all of these actions put you, and others, at risk. In fact, Nevada authorities entirely banned handheld cellphone use in 2011, which means driving while using a cellphone is dangerous and illegal. If you need to grab a bite while behind the wheel, then consider dining in rather than eating in the car. If you must eat while driving, avoid foods that require two hands and your full attention (looking at you burritos.)

The Dreaded Blind Spot

While we all learned about blind spots in traffic school, we may need a little refresher. Blind spots are areas on both sides of your car where you physically cannot a see car unless you turn your head and look over your shoulder. Typically, blind spots cause so many accidents because people get lazy and choose to make a lane change without checking them. In fact, blind spots are only blind if a driver fails to take the necessary precautions. Therefore, blind spots are entirely erasable with careful driving!

Hopefully this blog helps you stay safe while behind the wheel; however, if you are injured in an automobile accident, call (702) 602-8869 for a free case evaluation!