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Top 3 Causes of Slip & Fall Accidents

When one of our friends takes a tumble down the stairs, it is typically nothing more than a funny misfortune; however, many slips and falls are more serious than they appear. In fact, tripping while on the job is OSHA’s number two highest cause of nonfatal injuries that result in time away from work. Therefore, identifying the top causes of slip and fall accidents can help you stay healthy while on the job.

Uneven or Wet Surfaces

The largest cause of slip and fall accidents is uneven and wet surfaces. In fact, OSHA states that 55% of slips, trips, and falls are caused by these two hazards. This means the number one cause of slip and fall accidents is highly preventable. Wet surfaces are difficult to spot depending on the color of the floor, but often, someone witnesses (or personally causes) the wet hazard. In other words, a wet floor doesn’t just appear out of nowhere, and typically the cause of the hazard is a person’s doing. In some circumstances, this can result in a successful slip and fall lawsuit. Additionally, uneven surfaces in stores or workplaces are supposed to be marked by supervisors and other higher-ups. Therefore, suffering an injury due to an uneven surface is not your fault when the surface should have been marked.

Weather Conditions

The second largest cause of slip and fall accidents is poor weather. Although snow and black ice are impossible to prevent, people can be more diligent about watching where they step while they are traveling through adverse weather conditions. However, stores and other companies have a responsibility to take care of ice or other weather conditions that show up on their doorstep. Therefore, stay diligent, but if you are injured on someone’s porch or sidewalk, you may be entitled to recovery.

Improper Training

Bosses have the responsibility to properly train their employees to avoid/take care of slip and fall hazards. Unfortunately, many companies fail to give their employees through training that meets OSHA standards. If you are injured while on the job by a slip and fall hazard, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

There you have it, three of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents. We at Bernstein & Poisson hope this list will help you stay safe while on the job and walking around the neighborhood.