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How Regular Visits Prevent Nursing Home Negligence

In 2017, the federal government cited over 1,000 nursing homes for failing to prevent incidents of physical and sexual assault against their elderly patients. According to recent reports, over 2 million cases of nursing home abuse are reported each year, and over 35% of all nursing home staff have witnessed at least one act of physical elder abuse. This is a terrifying reality for the 1.5 million vulnerable patients who are currently living in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, most cases of elder abuse go unreported because patients are manipulated or threatened by their caretakers. The only way you can ensure your loved one’s safety is to visit regularly and look for signs of abuse.

Elder abuse can be gauged based on 6 different categories:

  • Physical abuse
  • Mental abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Neglect

Any form of mistreatment and neglect can have a detrimental and lasting impact on a patient’s physical and emotional well-being. Aging patients are more susceptible to medical complications and illnesses, which can be exacerbated by abuse.

Signs of abuse and neglect include:

  • Broken bones
  • Bruising
  • Dehydration
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Reclusiveness
  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Use of excessive restraints
  • Not taking prescribed medications
  • Extreme weight loss or lack of nutrition
  • Bedsores
  • Sudden changes in financial circumstances

As a family member, you expect a nursing home facility to care for your aging loved one and provide them with the care and medical treatments they require. However, the only way you can validate this expectation is to visit often and at irregular hours to keep an eye on your loved one.

When you visit your loved one, it’s important to do the following:

  • Vary the times and days that you visit
  • Talk to residents and other patients
  • Talk to other visiting families about any concerns they may have
  • Meet with key personnel to know who is caring for your loved one
  • Read and review any contracts carefully—if you can, work with an attorney to remove a forced arbitration clause
  • Compare facilities to make quality determinations
  • Keep a record of your concerns and any problems you notice

Retain Legal Representation

It’s always important to trust your instincts when it comes to caring for your loved ones. If you suspect or have proof that your loved one is being abused, contact the Las Vegas nursing home negligence attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson. Our firm has been fighting for the rights and dignity of the elderly for over 30 years.

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