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Common Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

As more and more people encounter the need for assisted living because of advancing age or illness, more and more problems seem to be surfacing. We owe it to those loved ones to do what we can to protect them, and nursing home abuse is a problem that is getting worse overall instead of getting better.

Below you will find a brief overview of warning signs that loved ones should pay attention to that may indicate that a resident of an assisted living center is being abused or neglected. Anyone who suspects that a loved one is being harmed in this manner needs to contact the authorities and obtain the help of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Physical Warning Signs

Perhaps the most obvious warning signs that can appear for a loved one of a resident of an assisted living center are physical in nature. For instance, if a resident suddenly has bruises, abrasions or other injuries that he or she cannot or will not explain, it could be a sign of abuse. If such a person develops bed sores, it could be a clear sign of neglect. Any injuries sustained by a resident should be taken seriously.

Additionally, most people do not hesitate to talk about how they were hurt, so if your loved one has a bruise or cut that they refuse to explain, that may be a sign that something could be wrong.

One of the most basic functions of a nursing home staff is just that - to take care of the basics. If your loved one appears to be lacking in that basic hygiene, you should definitely ask the staff more about that so that whatever the problem is can be resolved.

Emotional Warning Signs

While physical warning signs of nursing home abuse or neglect may seem relatively obvious, emotional warning signs can be extremely subtle. That’s because most people who move into these types of facilities may already be dealing with emotional challenges that were prompted by the reality that they could no longer care for themselves. As such, family members need to be able to differentiate between that sadness and other emotions that may be the result of abuse and act on those suspicions.

Financial Warning Signs

Many people who move into assisted living centers obtain help with the management of their finances. Therefore, people in this position need to be wary of any unexplained or strange transactions that are taking place and ask about them. It’s unlikely that they’ll get an honest answer, and all of this could point to some form of extortion or other threats that are being made in exchange for payments. This is particularly true if these transactions are made in cash.

Additional Warning Signs

Another warning sign that a loved one is being abused is in observing how their behavior changes when staff members are present. Are there expressions of fear? Did your family member clam up suddenly in the presence of a staff member? This could be a sign of trouble.

One final warning sign is the refusal of visits. Nursing homes have visiting hours, which is understandable because they need to manage their facilities. However, if visitors are not provided the opportunity to visit someone and they are not given an explanation, then it is important to insist on a reason. If neither the facility staff or your loved one can provide clarification, then it is important to escalate the matter.

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