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The Controversy Surrounding Motorized Scooters

People across the country enjoy joking about how electronic scooters, or “E-scooters,” seem to pop up in cities overnight. While it may seem like a recent fad, variations of this modern transportation method have actually been in development since the late 1800s. Scooters have just become more prevalent because companies have jumped on the pay-to-ride bandwagon popularized by ridesharing giants Uber and Lyft.

However, countless riders and pedestrians across the country are second-guessing the safety of these scooters after sustaining devastating recreational injuries. Clark County officials have seen the news and done the math, and they’ve decided Las Vegas isn’t quite ready to embrace a pilot program. Instead, our local policymakers are asking state lawmakers to make a final decision about motorized scooters. Their hope is that these lawmakers will analyze the potential risks and then implement strict rules, regulations, and liability protocols.

Other states have experienced the following scooter problems:

  • Riders have no physical protection when scooting
  • Electronic scooters are unstable and can easily be overturned
  • Riders aren’t always visible to drivers or pedestrians
  • Inexperienced or careless riders frequently participate in negligent behaviors

Last September, Las Vegas flirted with the idea of testing out a pilot program through Lime, but ultimately decided to shut down negotiations due to safety concerns. In fact, Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatirck has clearly stated in the past that scooters will never be available on the strip. Reno has likewise stood its ground against scooter companies.

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While scooters aren’t legal today, there is always a possibility that they will become a Las Vegas mainstay in the future. Nevertheless, if you’re a pedestrian, motorist, or bicyclist who has been injured by the actions of a negligent party, contact Bernstein & Poisson right away! Our Las Vegas attorneys can investigate your case, compile evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. If necessary, our trial-tested legal team can even represent your interests in court.

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