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Every 15 Minutes Program Comes To Liberty High School In Las Vegas

April 30, 2013

It’s a stunning statistic when you stop to think about it for a minute – every 15 minutes someone is killed in a car accident in the United States that involves a drunk driver. That equates to four people every hour and to 96 people every single day. That’s where the program known as ‘ Every 15 Minutes’ gets its name, and this is a group that deserves our attention and our respect, as they have been traveling around the country for years trying to impart the critically important message of safe driving to young people for several years.


Last week, the Every 15 Minutes Program came to Liberty High School in Las Vegas, and it presented a program on Thursday that was intended to provide some difficult but real perspective on the realities surrounding drunk driving and DUI accidents.

A drunk driving accident was staged at the school, and its graphic details were nothing short of shocking for those who saw this scene unfold. In addition, one student left class every 15 minutes throughout the day so that everyone could understand just what it means to see someone killed this often for one reason.


Programs like Every 15 Minutes are not nearly as well-known as they should be, as this is a non-profit organization that seems to dedicate as many of its resources as possible towards putting these programs on across the United States instead of spending its money on fancy marketing. The mission of the group is quite simple – to raise awareness regarding the dangers of drunk driving and to impress upon those who take part in their programs just how gruesome a DUI accident always is for those involved and for their families.


It is our hope that everyone from Liberty High School who experienced this display last week took some time to think long and hard about what could happen if they make the terrible choice that is driving after consuming alcohol. If someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle when they should not, they may not only kill themselves and/or their friends, but they may kill innocent people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In addition to the tragedy that is tied to every fatal DUI accident, those who cause these crashes can face serious legal consequences that include long prison sentences.

The families of those who are wrongfully killed may also enlist the help of Las Vegas DUI accident lawyers and file lawsuits against that driver or that driver’s parents if the person who caused the crash was a minor at the time. We hope that programs like Every 15 Minutes continue to spread the word regarding drunk driving – it is simply not worth the risk when there are so many alternatives available. Our team of injury lawyers at Bernstein & Poisson would like to help in promoting this message, and we would like to see this terrible statistic become obsolete very soon. Contact us today!

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