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How Multiple-Vehicle Crashes Quickly Descend Into Chaos

July 26, 2013

If you have ever been involved in a multiple-vehicle accident or you’ve ever been a witness to this type of an incident, you likely already understand how confusing the aftermath of such a crash is for everyone in the area. Violent collisions happen in almost immediate succession and people are often badly injured or worse amidst the sound of crunching metal and smashing glass, all set to the background of screeching tires. It’s a terrifying scene, and when it comes time to decipher what actually happened it can be very difficult to do so with a clear memory.

Unfortunately, that’s what several people had to do after four vehicles were involved in a Las Vegas car accident over the weekend. The crash occurred at approximately 12:45 p.m. on South Las Vegas Boulevard just south of City Center Place. KNTV ran a story regarding the crash, and the text and video covering it can be found here. The station did a very good job of explaining the positions of the vehicles prior to the crash, and that explanation included the facts that:

  • A Lincoln SUV towing an empty boat trailer was headed in a northbound direction on Las Vegas Boulevard in the center travel lane, approaching the intersection with City Center Place.
  • The Lincoln SUV was trailing a Ford sedan.
  • The Ford sedan was trailing GMC pickup truck.
  • A Pontiac sedan was traveling directly to the right of the Ford sedan.

As the vehicles approached the intersection which had a green light in that direction, the Lincoln somehow crashed into the back of the Ford sedan. The force of the collision forced the Ford into the back of the GMC pickup truck, and the Lincoln veered to the right after the initial crash and hit the Pontiac. All four vehicles came to a stop and then things got even more complicated. The driver of the Lincoln SUV allegedly got out of his vehicle, did not help anyone who was involved in the crash and fled the scene on foot. Police are still looking for what was described as an adult white male. The driver of the Ford and two people inside the GMC were taken to a nearby hospital with injuries.

None of the names of those involved were released, and no updates were given with regards to the severity of their injuries. If someone were to either see this crash as a witness or to be involved in it, these details would take some time to recall and to organize. The fact that such a clear explanation is already available likely means that witnesses saw the whole thing and that police officers quickly reported to the scene and documented what occurred before memories became blurry. Hopefully the driver of the Lincoln is soon identified and located. Hopefully the people who were injured in this crash are able to make fast and full recoveries.

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