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Will My Truck Accident Lawyer Deal with the Insurance Companies for Me?

November 22, 2022

Yes, your truck accident lawyer will handle conversations with both your insurance company and the insurance company for at-fault parties who caused your accident. A truck accident could involve more insurance companies than other accident types, as your lawyer may need to speak with:

  • Your own insurance company
  • The insurance company for an at-fault driver
  • The insurance company for the truck driver’s employer
  • The insurance company for any other liable parties

Insurance companies may be hesitant to pay you the amount of compensation that you deserve for your losses. Your lawyer will try to obtain nothing short of fair compensation as the result of your insurance claim(s).

Truck Drivers Must Generally Have Insurance

While automobile insurance requirements vary by state, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explains that commercial truck drivers are subject to minimum insurance requirements. These mandatory minimum coverages have been in place since the 1980s. There may be several reasons for commercial truck drivers and their employers to have robust insurance coverage:

  • Trucks have the potential to cause greater damage than smaller vehicles, and truck drivers and companies may have difficulty paying for such damage without insurance.
  • Truck drivers often carry expensive cargo, which must be insured in some capacity.
  • The commercial trucking industry is a regulated one, and insurance may be a critical feature of regulation.

As the victim of a truck accident, it may be a relief that truck drivers and their employers are generally required to have insurance. Your lawyer will figure out whether the liable parties’ insurance policies cover your losses.

Communicating with the Insurance Companies

You can focus on your medical care and recovery while your lawyer deals with the insurance companies for you. Insurance companies may generally have a goal of paying less in claims than they take in through customer premiums. Unfortunately, this could mean that accident victims such as yourself may not receive all the compensation they deserve if insurance companies have their way.

Your lawyer will want to be equipped with all available facts before speaking with insurance companies. They may, therefore:

  • Go over your account of the accident multiple times and create a written record of how the accident happened
  • Review any evidence that may support how your accident happened
  • Write down witness accounts of your accident
  • Review police reports that document your accident

Your lawyer may also have an insurance settlement figure in mind when speaking with the insurance companies. If the insurance companies offer a settlement figure that is less than what your lawyer knows is fair, then your lawyer will negotiate to increase the settlement offer from the insurance company.

Sometimes, insurance does not cover a truck accident victim’s losses. If your lawyer needs to bring a lawsuit to pursue the amount of compensation that you deserve, then they will complete a lawsuit for you.

A Lawyer Can Complete a Lawsuit Stemming from Your Accident

You may be eligible to sue multiple parties after your truck accident. The parties who are liable will depend on the specific cause of your accident.

A negligent driver is one reason that most accidents happen, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains. A truck driver may therefore be named as a defendant in any lawsuit that you bring.

Other parties can also be liable for a truck accident. The trucking company or other type of business that employs the at-fault driver may be liable for some portion of your losses. In some cases, third parties like local governments or vehicle parts manufacturers contribute to truck accidents and may be held responsible through a lawsuit.

How a Lawyer May Complete Your Case

No two truck accident cases are completely alike, and your lawyer will have to address your case as it unfolds. Some lawyer services may be fairly standard across different cases, though. Those services may include:

  • Witness interviews
  • Evidence gathering
  • Hiring experts to help with your case
  • Creating legal documents
  • Filing documents
  • Communicating with other lawyers and insurance companies
  • Settlement negotiations

The American Bar Association (ABA) explains that most lawsuits end at the settlement stage—few go on to a trial. This finding suggests that you may be able to recover compensation for losses like medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income without ever having to go to trial.

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Whether you or your loved one was injured or passed away because of a truck accident, a truck accident attorney will deal with the insurance companies and complete your claim or lawsuit. Call Bernstein & Poisson today at (702) 707-5934 for a free consultation.

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