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Have you been injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver? At Bernstein & Poisson we believe in holding drunk drivers accountable. We believe there is no excuse for this conduct and fight to help our clients pursue just compensation for their injuries and losses. Our Las Vegas car accident attorneys are here to protect your rights and interests – and to help you build a better future.

By now, after decades of seemingly relentless efforts by lawmakers and law enforcement to bring awareness to the extreme dangers of drunk driving, there really is no excuse for engaging in this conduct. Not only should everyone understand that drunk driving is dangerous, but they should also understand that the criminal penalties for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are significant. Drunk driving is a scourge on society and it is something that will continue to dominate the headlines until everyone finally understands that it needs to stop.

Sadly, that day may never come. Too many people will tell themselves that “they are fine” to drive or that “they know the way” and therefore won’t cause any harm by just heading on a short drive home. According to the statistics kept by the Nevada Department of Transportation, alcohol is listed as a contributing factor in about 3 fatal Nevada traffic accidents every 2 weeks. In addition, approximately 1,700 crashes occur in the state every year where at least one person is seriously injured because of alcohol.

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The Statistics Behind Drunk Driving

While the number of drunk driving injuries and fatalities have been dropping slightly in recent years, they are still extremely troubling statistics. To make matters worse, the aftermath of a drunk driving accident can be very confusing for anyone who has been injured or for any family that has suddenly lost a loved one. That’s because law enforcement is almost always involved, and when the drunk driver faces criminal sanctions, too many people feel that their only outlet for a recovery of compensation lies with the insurance company or companies that are involved.

This is a mistake. People who have been injured and family members of people who have been killed in crashes caused by drunk drivers have the same basic legal rights under Nevada’s personal injury laws as people who were injured in crashes caused by drivers who had not been drinking. In fact, people injured by drunk drivers often have a strong case simply because they can prove that the other person had consumed alcohol before the crash and that the presence of alcohol in that driver’s system played a part in what ultimately occurred.

When we take on a drunk driving accident case in Las Vegas, our attorneys fight for economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Medical expenses, including ongoing treatment and care
  • Loss of earnings, including loss of future earnings
  • Emotional trauma, such as pain and suffering or loss of companionship
  • Property damage, to your vehicle or other personal property

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After a drunk driving accident, you have options. You do not have to deal with the insurance provider on your own, hoping that they will provide a fair settlement for the serious injuries or losses you have endured. Turn to a Las Vegas car accident attorney at Bernstein & Poisson, get your questions answered during a free consultation, and make an informed decision as to what you should do next. Do not attempt to work through this difficult and often terrifying situation by yourself. Make sure an experienced and respected advocate is working with you until the situation reaches its proper conclusion.

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