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Various damages may be available to victims of motorcycle crashes. Most motorcycle cases begin by looking at the victim’s medical bills. Medical bills are typically the starting point to value the claim. Keep careful records of all of your bills including what amounts your providers charge and what your insurance pays. Things like a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility devices count as medical expenses. You can also count mental health care if you need treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Medical bills are only the start. You can also ask for compensation if you need people to help you with things you can’t do around the house, like home maintenance or domestic services for your family. You can ask for compensation for lost income if you can’t work. Once you’ve totaled up your economic damages, your Las Vegas motorcycle injury lawyer can help you determine a value for your emotional anguish and your pain and suffering.

Why is it important to contact a motor vehicle accident attorney?

When you’re in a motorcycle accident, having a team of legal professionals on your side can help you optimize your claim for recovery. A team of skilled and experienced professionals on your side can help you identify things that you can do in order to maximize your claim, avoid the mistakes that might stand in the way, and make the process as smooth as possible.

Here are some of the things that Bernstein & Poisson can help with after a motorcycle accident:

  • SECURING EVIDENCE ON THE SCENE: After a motorcycle crash, time is of the essence. Your attorney needs to work quickly to secure evidence that might be available. This might include returning to the scene in order to take photographs. It might mean taking photos of damaged vehicles in order to document how impact occurred. They may even have some follow up questions for the officers that investigate the crash. The sooner all of this happens, the more evidence you have to build on.
  • RELUCTANT WITNESSES: Witnesses might be more willing to talk right after a crash occurs, and your lawyer can help you approach witnesses in a tactful way. When witnesses aren’t eager to testify, there are things that your legal team can do in order to get a court order for their cooperation. Your legal team can have these conversations while you focus on your recovery.

  • CONTACT WITH THE INSURANCE COMPANY: Insurance companies make their profits when they get away with paying you less than you deserve. When the insurance company makes an offer, your attorney can help you evaluate it. They can give you honest advice about whether you should accept the offer or keep fighting. Your legal team can help you craft a demand letter that clearly states the amount of recovery that you deserve and why. When negotiations get tense, your legal team has the confidence and experience to help you succeed.

  • VALUING YOUR CLAIM: Our attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson have years of experience helping victims in deserving motorcycle accident cases throughout the Las Vegas area. Our experience includes helping clients place an accurate value on their claim. With pain, suffering, and emotional anguish, valuing your claim is much more complicated than just adding up your medical bills. With an expert legal team on your side, you can know the true value of your case. Knowing the value of your claim helps you evaluate settlement offers and make strategic decisions as your case proceeds.

  • OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Sometimes there are things that might make a case more challenging. We can help you identify these potential problems and take steps to stop them. For example, if you have a jury selection in your case, you want to take care to challenge jurors who may have a bias against motorcyclists. Our legal team can ask potential jurors the right questions in order to reveal their potential prejudices and bias against motorcyclists.

    In addition, you’ll need to carefully review the documentation you have of your medical injuries. If you have primarily what’s called soft tissue damage, you might hear the other side accuse you of exaggerating your injuries. Similarly, if you have lifelong injuries that you can’t completely document before your case concludes, this is another place where legal professionals can advocate on your behalf. Our legal professionals have access to accident reconstruction experts that can help the jury connect the dots between the accident and your injuries.

  • TELLING YOUR STORY TO THE JURY: Most motorcycle accident cases resolve without a trial. If you’re in the small number of cases that go in front of a jury, you need to present your case in a compelling way that the jury can understand. There are rules for how you can present a case in court, and an experienced Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to craft your case in a way that both follows and takes advantage of these rules. Marching into court with an experienced legal team at your side can take the stress out of a harrowing process. Knowing that experienced professionals are fighting for you can help you take a deep breath and relax as your case moves through the legal system.

Bernstein & Poisson has been representing clients injured in motorcycle accidents for over 30 years. During that time, our Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers have not only earned a strong track record of positive results, but we’ve come to acquire a deep understanding of what people in this situation face.

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The Risks Of A Motorcycle Crash

Three times every day across Nevada, someone is injured in a motorcycle accident. One time every week someone is killed in a Nevada motorcycle accident. These statistics have remained largely consistent for several years despite the noble efforts that have been made by concerned citizens, public interest groups, and the state government to bring about awareness of the dangers faced by motorcyclists.

Why are motorcyclists at a higher risk of injury?

Motorcyclists are at a much higher risk for being injured or killed when riding on the road for several reasons, including:

  • Less Visible – Motorcycles are smaller and easier to miss when a driver is not paying attention, especially when making a turn.
  • Road Hazards – Bumps, potholes, wet roads, and debris may not affect a car but they can cause a motorcyclist to crash.
  • No Protection – Passenger vehicles protect the driver with a metal frame, seatbelts, and airbags. However, motorcycles do not have these safety features. While a helmet will provide some protection, motorcyclists are still far more likely to be injured or killed when compared with a passenger in a motor vehicle.
  • Less Stability – Because motorcycles balance on two wheels, they offer far less stability than vehicles with four wheels.
  • Skill – Motorcyclists are required to carry a special license to show they have had the right training to ride a motorcycle, and several motorcyclists involved in accidents do not have the proper licence, meaning they do not have the proper training.
  • Speeding - Motorcycles tend to encourage speeding and other high-risk behaviors.

If you ask anyone who has hit a motorcyclist what happened and you get an honest answer, you’ll most likely hear that he or she simply did not see that person on the motorcycle. These are small vehicles that can easily be missed when moving at high speeds, and this is especially true when traffic is heavy and/or visibility is low. There is no intent involved here – it’s just a matter of getting used to seeing certain objects and not being accustomed to seeing others.

People who are injured in motorcycle accidents need to focus on their physical and perhaps emotional recovery, as their injuries are often much more serious than those involved in car accidents. They do not need to deal with insurance company representatives who will work to minimize the amount of payout that’s provided. Handling these skilled professionals requires an equal amount of skill and professional experience, and the attorney team at Bernstein & Poisson is here to help you deal with pursuing maximum compensation.

How can I prevent a motorcycle accident?

Even with complete care, a motorcyclist can’t fully prevent accidents. Motorcyclists are often at the mercy of those around them. When other drivers don’t leave a full lane for motorcycle travel or they don’t give a motorcyclist the following distance that they need, it can result in a crash.

However, motorcyclists can do their best to insist on a full lane of travel at all times. They should obey speed limits and make sure to exercise extra caution when there’s rain, high winds, or other adverse weather. They should make sure that their motorcycle is in good working condition when they head out for the roads. In addition, defensive driving is a helpful mindset for all motorcyclists.

Special Laws for Motorcycle Operators in Nevada

To lawfully operate a motorcycle, you must have a Nevada class M operator’s license. There’s a knowledge test, a bike inspection, and a practical skills test.

Once you have your license, there are other special laws that you need to know and follow:

  • Wear a helmet at all times.
  • Eyewear and a face shield are required; you may have them on your helmet.
  • Don’t share a lane, even with other motorcycles.
  • Don’t pass other traffic when it’s at a standstill.
  • You must have one headlight. You can’t have more than two headlights.
  • Lights must be visible from 500 feet.
  • Brake lights must be visible from 300 feet.
  • If the bike was made after 1973, it must have turn signals.
  • You must obey all other traffic laws.

What to Do After a Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident

After a crash occurs, you want to do the right things to preserve your right to recover. However, you might not know what to do.

Here are the steps you should take right after a motorcycle accident occurs:

  • CALL THE POLICE: Immediately after a motorcycle accident, you should call the police. They are the first to begin investigating your case. Because they’re often the only ones who get to physically view, inspect, and investigate the accident scene, they’re a great place to start to begin preparing your case. They take witness statements, and they can testify to what physical evidence exists on the scene.

  • GET THE CARE YOU NEED: If you need emergency medical treatment, it’s critical to secure it. Getting the medical treatment that you need is not only important for your health and safety, but it’s the first documentation of your injuries from the crash. You should also see if others need help, and you should contact emergency services if there’s any chance they may need care.

    When there’s a delay in reporting your injuries, the insurance company or the other driver might try to question the causes of your injuries. If you have any injuries at all or you even think you might have injuries, it’s important to see a medical professional right away. It’s also important to carefully follow your doctor’s care plan and make sure you go to future appointments.

  • TAKE PHOTOS: Next, snap a few photos of the accident scene. They don’t have to be professional photos. Just a few quick photos with your cell phone will do. This can help your legal team later on as they work with accident reconstruction professionals in order to break down how exactly the crash occurred. Photographs often tell the truth when the other side wants to misrepresent or distort what actually happened. They can even fill in the gap if law enforcement misses any critical information.

  • CONTACT THE RIGHT LEGAL TEAM: Contact our team of Las Vegas attorney team as quickly as possible. There are things that law enforcement may have missed that our legal team will want to follow up on as soon as they can. We will want to get a copy of the police report in order to identify witnesses and begin collecting statements. We might also have you do certain things to preserve evidence of your injuries. We will begin working as soon as possible to prove causation so we can maximize your recovery.

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For the most part, personal injury lawsuits springing from motorcycle accidents are treated like other vehicle accidents. However, motorcycle accidents do present some unique factors, often because the insurance company will try to blame the motorcycle rider no matter what the circumstances of the crash. It is also important to note that liability issues surrounding motorcycle accidents can be different from car accidents. Because motorcycle personal injury suits can have special factors which make them more complicated, it is important to have the right lawyer on your side.

The team of Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys at Bernstein & Poisson has been earning results for clients for over 60 years. If you or someone you love has been wrongfully injured, contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation so your legal rights can be protected and enforced.

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