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Las Vegas Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

Dealing with Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

For over 30 years, the team at Bernstein & Poisson has been making it a point to fight to restore the safety and dignity of assisted living facility and nursing home residents who have been mistreated. We handle cases that involve both nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect, as there is a difference between these types of wrongs. Nursing home neglect is basically a lack of oversight and the perseverance of a substandard level of care. Nursing home abuse can be considered worse, as it often involves intentional conduct.

Examples of mistreatment in nursing homes may include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Threats and extortion
  • Dehydration
  • Development of bed sores
  • Wandering and elopement
  • Failure to properly provide nutrition
  • Failure to follow medication protocols
  • Use of excessive restraints

If you or someone you love has suffered harm at a nursing home, now is the time to act. Schedule a free consultation with a Las Vegas nursing home abuse attorney at our firm and find out not only what you can do now to stop the mistreatment or neglect from continuing to occur, but what you can do to hold the at-fault parties accountable.

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Let Us Take Action for You

Family members of residents who are being mistreated are often not interested in details – they just want justice for the wrong that’s been forced upon their loved one. At Bernstein & Poisson, we help to obtain that justice, and we’ve been doing so successfully since we took our first case that dealt with this issue three decades ago.

Our Las Vegas nursing home negligence lawyers understand what needs to be done to put a facility on notice that we are involved and that we are going to get to the bottom of the situation. We know who to contact with the State of Nevada and if necessary within the law enforcement community to put a proper level of scrutiny on staff members, former staff members, or even neglectful policies that are followed by the facility’s workers.

Most of all, we understand how to quantify these cases and make sure that when we ultimately do achieve a result for a client, that he or she is made as whole as possible. That includes a recovery that would help fund moving into a new facility, as this is often necessary just to make sure that the resident can make a fresh start. If you or someone you love is being mistreated in an elder care center or nursing home, our attorneys are here to help.

5 Ways to Minimize the Chances of Nursing Home Abuse

Anyone who is facing the reality of having a loved one move into a nursing home is most likely concerned about their happiness. Below are 5 basic steps to keep in mind that could minimize the chance that this person is mistreated.

  • Lay the Foundation - As you evaluate different nursing homes with or for your loved one, make it very clear from the outset that you intend to be thorough with your due diligence and that you will remain quite involved with the life of the future resident. This will set the tone early that you will most likely notice a problem quickly.
  • Visit Often - Many different studies have shown that nursing home residents who receive regular visitors are less likely to be mistreated than those who are basically left alone. That should be obvious, as the more people residents see the more it becomes possible for mistreatment to be noticed.
  • Ask Questions - If you encounter any questions or concerns with regards to the care of your loved one, you should ask questions of that facility's management. These questions could involve more than suspected mistreatment and could relate to the resident's eating habits and social adjustment, but continue to stay involved.
  • Follow Up - If you ask questions of staff and/or management of the facility, you should make sure that you consistently follow up with them if they reasonably need some time to provide you with an answer. For instance, if you're told that they will monitor your loved one's diet for the next week, make sure to follow up for a report one week later.
  • Take Actions - Instinct should tell you if something is wrong with your loved one, and if you notice anything troubling such as physical injuries, rapid changes in personality or unexplained refusals to visit that person, do not simply dismiss these signs. If you do suspect that something is wrong, you need to make sure that you act with urgency.

Nursing Home Injury Lawyers – Serving Las Vegas Since 1983

America is getting older as a country. That’s simply a fact that can be found in many different forms of statistics, and it means many things for our country. One of the things that it means is that more and more people will encounter the need for assisted living within the next several years.

Many who find themselves in this position will decide to move into a nursing home. Some others will move into a nursing home because their families convinced them that it is the right thing to do. Regardless of the reason or reasons, the nursing home population in the United States is going to grow.

This is not a good thing in many ways. As it stands now, nursing home facilities are stretched thin in terms of their availability and staffing. When any business is having a problem meeting the demands of its market, this can lead to an increased likelihood that mistakes will be made. When mistakes are made in this setting, the wrong people get hired and nursing home residents are seriously injured, become seriously ill, or even lose their lives.

This is why the duty owed to our older and ill loved ones does not end when they move into a nursing home. Instead, that duty merely changes. We owe it to those we love to do everything that we can to make sure that they are safe and happy, which means that if we suspect that anything is wrong we need to act on it immediately. In this situation, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. There is simply too much on the line.

Take action now – call a nursing home abuse attorney at our Las Vegas firm at (702) 602-8869.

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