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Sexual Abuse by Medical Professionals

Fighting for the Victims of Sexual Abuse Throughout Las Vegas

A doctor is in a position of trust with a patient, and any type of sexual abuse is a clear violation of this trust. In fact, any sexual relations between doctor and patient may provide grounds for a lawsuit. At Bernstein & Poisson, we represent those who have been the victims of sexual abuse by doctors and other people in positions of trust or authority. Our Las Vegas sexual abuse injury lawyers are here to protect your interests and confidentiality in these sensitive matters.

Sexual abuse claims are highly emotional and sensitive matters, and it is important to work with a legal professional who knows how to address these specific issues. The need for confidentiality and a fast, successful case resolution are of the utmost importance to most victims, and at Bernstein & Poisson we are skilled at accomplishing this. We will work closely with you to identify your goals and will then carry these out while you focus your energy on healing and moving on with your life.

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Understanding Sexual Abuse Cases Involving Doctors

In cases involving sexual activity between a doctor and a patient, consent is not necessarily a defense. Doctors are not allowed to have sexual relations with their patients, as they are in a position of trust. Regardless of whether consent was allegedly involved or the incident involved deception, coercion, or threats, our Las Vegas sexual abuse injury attorneys can take the right approach to prove fault.

Sexual abuse cases involving doctors have a relatively short statute of limitations. You have one year to file a court case under Nevada’s Malpractice Statute for sexual relations between a doctor and a patient.

Given the fact that sexual abuse cases involve intentional conduct and not negligence, they may not be covered by a doctor’s traditional medical malpractice insurance. This can present some complexities in moving forward with a case, but Bernstein & Poisson is experienced in handling these matters and will look to all potential sources of compensation to maximize your recovery.

Proving Sexual Relations or Abuse in Las Vegas, NV

A key element of any case involving sexual abuse or sexual relations with a doctor will be the evidence of the incident or incidents. This may include:

  • Bodily fluids
  • Witness testimony
  • Credit card receipts for hotel rooms
  • Video surveillance
  • Emails and text messages
  • Voicemail recordings

Gathering sufficient evidence to prove sexual relations will be the cornerstone of a successful case and will drive negotiations or courtroom litigation.

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