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Accidents involving vehicle defects present a unique and complex maze of legal questions and liabilities. Unlike a straightforward fender-bender, these incidents require a deep understanding of both product liability and personal injury law. Navigating this terrain in Las Vegas becomes easier with a skilled attorney. The expertise of someone like Jack Bernstein, who has 40 years of experience in tackling car accidents, can be invaluable in such situations. This article aims to shed light on the key areas you need to consider in the aftermath of a vehicle defect accident.

What Sets Vehicle Defect Accidents Apart?

In standard car accidents, assigning fault might be relatively straightforward, often pointing to driver error or negligence. But when it comes to defect-related accidents, things get murkier. Here’s a more detailed look at the complexity involved.


In a defect-related accident, there’s a broader range of parties who could be held liable:

  • Manufacturers: If the vehicle or one of its components was defectively designed, manufactured, or marketed, the manufacturer could be liable. This extends from the vehicle maker to manufacturers of individual parts like tires or brakes.
  • Maintenance Companies: Those responsible for the vehicle’s upkeep could also be at fault. Did the last servicing overlook a known defect? Did repairs exacerbate an existing issue?
  • Dealerships: If you purchased a new or used vehicle with an undisclosed defect from a dealership, they might share in the liability.
  • Previous Owners: In the case of pre-owned vehicles, the previous owner might be liable if they sold the car knowing it had a defect and did not disclose it.
  • Government Entities: Sometimes, poor road conditions can exacerbate the impact of a vehicle defect. In such cases, local or state government agencies responsible for road maintenance could share in the liability.

Laws Involved

Defect-related cases often touch upon both product liability and personal injury laws. For Las Vegas residents, it’s essential to understand both Nevada state and federal regulations governing these areas.


Expect a high level of complexity with defect-related accidents. You may need to consult automotive engineers, safety experts, and legal professionals specializing in both personal injury and product liability.

Common Types of Vehicle Defects

Defect TypeWhat to Look ForRisks Involved
BrakesUnresponsive pedals, warning lightsIncreased collision risk, inability to stop
BatteriesFrequent power loss, electrical issuesStalling, electrical fires
AirbagsWarning lights, recallsFailure to deploy, or accidental deployment causing injury
SteeringDifficulty turning, vibrationsLoss of control, veering off the road
TiresBald spots, crackingBlowouts, loss of traction

Do You Have a Case? Know When to Contact an Attorney

Understanding whether you have a valid case can be a crucial first step in pursuing justice and compensation. Here are some points to consider:

Criteria for Assessing Your Case

Ask yourself the following questions to self-qualify:

  1. Was the defect directly responsible for the accident?
  2. Were you using the vehicle as intended at the time of the accident?
  3. Were there any recall notices you were unaware of?
  4. Did you modify the vehicle in a way that could affect its safe operation?
  5. Were there multiple parties involved, such as a maintenance company or previous owner?

Importance of Timely Legal Consultation

In Nevada, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is generally two years from the date of the incident. Time is of the essence. Consulting an attorney early can ensure you don’t miss crucial filing deadlines and that evidence remains fresh.

The Claim Process for a Vehicle Defect Lawsuit

Knowing what to expect can make the daunting task of filing a lawsuit more manageable. Here’s a simplified guide:

Initial Steps

  • Collect Evidence: Photographs, police reports, and witness statements can be crucial.
  • Consult an Expert: An automotive engineer can help confirm the defect.
  • Secure Legal Representation: Choose an attorney with expertise in both personal injury and product liability law.

Legal Proceedings

  • Filing the Claim: Your attorney will file the necessary paperwork to initiate the lawsuit.
  • Discovery: Both sides exchange evidence and information.
  • Negotiation/Settlement: Often, parties aim to settle out of court.
  • Trial: If no agreement is reached, the case will go to trial.


Depending on your case, you might be eligible for:

  • Medical Expenses: Covers treatment, medication, and therapy.
  • Lost Wages: Compensation for time away from work.
  • Pain and Suffering: Emotional distress can be part of your claim.
  • Property Damage: Cost for vehicle repairs or replacement.

How an Attorney Can Help You Navigate a Vehicle Defect Lawsuit

When faced with the intricacies of a vehicle defect lawsuit, having a qualified attorney on your side can make all the difference. Here’s what an attorney can assist you with:

Protecting Your Rights

A legal professional can help protect your rights throughout the process, ensuring that you’re not taken advantage of by insurance companies or other parties.

Assisting with Insurance Claims

Your attorney will help you navigate through the insurance claims process, assisting in paperwork and advocating on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Assessing Damages

Determining the full scope of damages, both physical and emotional, requires legal expertise. An attorney can help quantify these aspects into your claim.

Providing Expert Representation

From negotiations to court proceedings, having an experienced attorney representing you adds gravitas and credibility to your case.

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Why Jack Bernstein is the Right Attorney for Your Vehicle Defect Lawsuit

Navigating the legal maze of a vehicle defect lawsuit can be overwhelming, especially when you’re recovering from an accident. That’s where Jack Bernstein comes in.

Four Decades of Experience

With 40 years of legal expertise in motor vehicle accidents and personal injury lawsuits, Jack understands the intricacies specific to the Las Vegas area.

Direct Consultations with Jack

Unlike large firms where you’re shuffled between associates, with Jack Bernstein, you get direct consultations with Jack himself, ensuring a tailored approach for your unique case.

A Local Expert

Being based in Las Vegas, Jack’s familiarity with local laws and regulations means you’re not just getting a lawyer; you’re getting a local expert who understands your specific needs.

Vehicle Defect Lawsuit FAQs

What makes vehicle defect accidents different from other types of motor vehicle accidents?

Vehicle defect accidents differ primarily in terms of liability. While typical accidents often involve driver error, defect-related accidents place the onus on the manufacturer or, in some cases, the maintenance service providers. These cases often require proving a defect directly caused the accident, making them more legally complex.

How do I know if I have a case for a vehicle defect accident?

Determining if you have a case involves multiple criteria, such as whether the defect directly caused the accident and whether you were using the vehicle as intended. It’s crucial to consult with an attorney early on to assess your situation properly, especially considering the time-sensitive nature of legal proceedings due to statute of limitations.

What is the typical claim process for a vehicle defect lawsuit?

The claim process starts with gathering evidence like photographs and expert consultations. Legal proceedings include filing a claim, discovery where evidence is exchanged, and either settling or going to trial. Types of compensation could range from medical expenses to property damage.

Can I sue the maintenance company who last serviced my vehicle?

Yes, you can sue the maintenance company if evidence suggests their negligence led to the vehicle defect that caused the accident. However, this adds another layer of complexity to your case, making it crucial to consult an attorney well-versed in such matters.

What kind of evidence is crucial in a vehicle defect lawsuit?

Photographic evidence, police reports, and witness statements are standard. However, expert consultation from automotive engineers can provide technical credibility to confirm the defect. This evidence is crucial during the discovery phase of the legal proceedings.

What are the implications of Nevada’s statute of limitations on my vehicle defect lawsuit?

In Nevada, the general statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years from the date of the incident. Failure to file within this period could forfeit your right to legal recourse. Hence, early legal consultation is crucial.

What types of vehicle defects are most commonly involved in accidents?

Common types of vehicle defects involved in accidents include brake failures, faulty batteries, malfunctioning airbags, steering defects, and defective tires. Each comes with its own set of risks and implications, making it crucial to understand the specifics.

What can an attorney do to help me with my vehicle defect lawsuit?

An attorney can assist in various ways, from protecting your rights and handling insurance claims to assessing damages and providing expert representation during negotiations and court proceedings. Their expertise is invaluable in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape.

Why should I consider Jack Bernstein for my vehicle defect lawsuit?

Jack Bernstein offers 40 years of legal experience, with direct consultations and a tailored approach for each unique case. His expertise in both personal injury and product liability law, especially in the Las Vegas area, makes him a formidable advocate for your cause.

Ready to take the next step?

If you’ve gone through the checklist and believe you have a case, don’t hesitate to reach out. The next crucial step is consulting an experienced attorney, like Jack Bernstein, to assess your unique situation and provide tailored guidance.

Wondering if you have enough evidence to proceed?

Gathering strong evidence is essential. If you’re unsure about the strength of your evidence, a consultation can help assess its validity and guide you on collecting further information if needed. Contact us to get this crucial evaluation.

Have questions that weren’t answered here?

Legal matters are complex, and you may have unique questions pertaining to your situation. Feel free to reach out for a direct consultation with Jack Bernstein, where your concerns can be addressed comprehensively.

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